Another year rears it’s cautiously optimistic head and what better way to start than with the removal of a clinically moronic president? I’ll tell you what better way, the additional removal of the rest of the corrupt fucksticks that are still running the country into the geographical junk pile and making us pay the price for their pilfering.

Hey, that reminds me of a song:

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But let me not get too cynical nor put too much focus on our acoustic attempts, I suppose the booting of a muppet is a step in the right direction. Speaking of direction, or lack of it, let’s talk about us…

We have officially begun recording our new album and cannot wait to start sharing it with you. We will most likely release some rough mixes as and when we finish them so keep checking our site and social media for updates. We also got a few upcoming shows, so if you keen on hearing how the new songs vaguely sound when played by a bunch of amateurs, why not come on down!

We got a whole bunch of new merch items which you can check out on our online store, so put down that 21 year old single malt, get on the OBS and spend your hard earned money on something that won’t just leave you with a headache and regret in the morning…or at least not with a headache.

Anwho, time is short (as are ideas and attention span) so let’s just leave it there!

As you were

Kiss kiss


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