Greetings and welcome to our new site!

It’s been some time since we’ve had a website up and running, partly due to a pesky domain ownership issue and mostly due to ineffectuality, but let’s not dwell on the past and rather focus on the now. Much has happened since we fell off the face of the earth-wide-web, so let’s get right into it and get you up to date.

As you may or may not care to know, after a long and somewhat disheartening time without a drummer we have finally found our man… his name is…*ironic drumroll please*…Adriaan Schoombie, known affectionately by all (and by all, I mean only us) as “Schoombo”. He has a laugh jollier than Santa, distills his own plonk, and most importantly beats a mean drum. He also runs his own, extremely swanky studio which is our new home-base: where we are currently working hard (if you consider 90mins p/week) on some banging new tracks. We  hope to begin recording by the end of year, so keep checking the site as well as social media for some teasers of the new songs. We can’t wait to play the new material live for you, so get on down to one of our upcoming shows and let’s make like a female friend of Grace Mugabe’s vile progeny and get unnecessarily fucked up.

We’ve put (most of) our discography up for free download and added an online shop for the blessed few who still revere hard copies. There’s also some other merch available for all you discerning consumers out there, so if you’re not spending all your hard-earned money on bunker supplies for the next impending extinction level event, check out the shop here:

Thanks for visiting and reading this swill, chances are these news posts will be few and far between and you would most likely be better off staying up to date via our facebook page, but I for one have have enjoyed our little chat, so let’s stay in touch yes?!



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